Camping Recipes for Troop 91

The NetCommish Cooking Site Tremendous list of recipes, other Scouting sites that feature cooking, Dutch Oven Cooking, etc.
Light Trail Foods for Backpacking Ultralight backpacking foods for a healthy, happy hike without sacrificing good tasting food.
Ol' Buffalo Camp CookThis publication concentrates on easy-to-prepare meals for the outdoors. It is written with a group of 6-8 youth in mind and provides a variety of tasty, nutritious dishes for the beginning camper as well as for the old-timer. Many employ the Dutch oven.
Scout Cooking Page This page has links to all sorts of cooking styles, such as Dutch Oven Cooking, using Solar Ovens, Camp Cooking Tips, Recipes, and More.
Just Camping Recipes
A wonderful site of many recipes for camping and outdoor cooking.

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