"Each of us has an Up North.
It's a time and place far from the here and now.
It's a map on the wall,
a dream in the making,
a tugging at one's soul.
For those who feel the tug,
who make the dream happen,
who put the map in the packsack and go,
the world is never quite the same again.

We have been Up North.
And part of us always will be."
~Sam Cook

We Are Northern Bound for 2008!!

Northern Tier Canoe Adventure

July 27 - August 6, 2008

Are you ready for a Northern Tier Canoe Adventure?
This Summer a crew from Troop 91 will be following the trails of the Voyageurs in the Boundary Waters section of the Great Northwoods, fishing, paddling, seeing the Northern Lights, and getting back to nature.

This is an exciting adventure through one of the greatest untouched wildernesses in the world. Participants are more likely to see moose than other people. Troop 91 has reserved a 10 day trek and will be driving up and back, which will add a week or more to the trek time.

    The requirements for participation in the Northern Tier Trek are:
  1. Participants must pass the Northern Tier Class 3 physical within 12 months (preferably two months) of attendance. Northern Tier is a rugged outdoor experience and each person must be fit to meet the challenge. 
  2. Participants must have passed and be able to pass again the BSA Swim Test.
  3. Scouts must have completed the Canoeing Merit Badge and Swimming Merit Badge prior to the trip.
  4. Participants must attend a mandatory minimum of "shake down" canoe/camping trips in preparation for attending Northern Tier.
  5. This is a rigorous High Adventure activity requiring both mental and physical preparation for youth and adults alike. All participants must have the ability to carry heavy packs (85 pounds) or canoes, and be able to paddle six hours per day

Fishing for Northern Pike from Canoes The National High Adventure Division of the Boy Scouts of America recommends that neither age nor rank be the only criteria for participation on high adventure expeditions. Maturity, the ability to carry a heavy load (85 lbs.) over steep, muddy, and rugged portages, and camping/canoeing experience should also be considered. Consequently all Scouts attending Northern Tier must have permission of the Adult Crew Leader: the Adult Leader may make exceptions to the Troop rules for attendance and may exclude scouts from participating at his discretion.

Troop 91's Northern Tier crew is limited to two adult leaders and six scouts. We are sending a full crew to Northern Tier. There is a waiting list in case one of the participants can not attend: if you wish to be on that list please tell Mr. Hilbish. The following priorities were used in determining which adults and scouts may attend.
  1. Highest priority were given to adults that have been active with the Troop and are parents of Scout participants.
  2. Adults met all requirements of Northern Tier
  3. Scouts met the age requirements; 14 or older by August 31, 2008 and less than 18 at the beginning of the trip.
  4. Scouts are First-Class or above.  
  5. "Aged-out" Scouts may be added to the waiting list if they wish to attend and space is available.
Blood Vein Rapids

Links and Resources Journals and Photo Galleries:
Troop 572
1966 trip through Northern Tier

Crew 411 of Chapin SC Northern Tier Photos - Charles Weber, Crew Advisor, shared hints and stories with Troop 91.

Troop 572 Crew E070502

Troop 572

Books mentioned by Charles Weber to Troop 91: They are available from Northern Tier. Or you can go to www.abebooks.com or www.amazon.com and do a search for them, as you may be able to get them cheaper than from the NT catalog.
(These may be sold when you get there, but if so just use the links above to search or click on the Used Books links)

Download the Northern Tier Catalog (PDF)     books, maps, hats, Nalgenes, patches, good ideas for T-shirts, etc -Price shop before you go so that you know how much money to possibly take, or order ahead of time to take with you. Order Form here -

Jungle Boot Sale from Northern Tier (PDF)

Troop 572 Crew E070502BC Website - Much good stuff here

Another Good site with lots of info

Need Answers? Have a Question? Ask someone who has been there.

"CANOE-L" Email discussion list to ask questions, etc. http://usscouts.org/lists/ - for those planning on visiting Northern Tier High Adventure Canoe Base, or other canoe sites. If you are planning a trip and have questions, or if you have some experience to share, please join us. Excellent archives

Some More Equipment Links

Equipment list by an Atlanta crew

Zip off pants for $20 (with mesh lining) from Sportsman's Guide Warehouse 

Waterproof dry bags for your sleeping bag, etc. 3/$14.95

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