Troop 91's Annual

"Come As Your Favorite Disaster" First Aid Party  

At Troop 91 each year we have a "Disaster First Aid Party" in which the Scouts are encouraged to come as their favorite disaster. They are to include a story on how it happened and they must be prepared to confirm or deny what the suggested triage and first aid should be for the event. It gives them a chance to practice Moulage and have a Halloween Party that is a bit different than the ordinary ones.
Moulage can be scary and fun!

Check out the Photo albums for a few year's worth of great Moulage costumes.

Photo Gallery for Troop 91 "Come As Your Favorite Disaster" Parties :

More Moulage Info:

Moulage is the making of fake wounds and situations for First Aid exercises.
It is great fun and can be very dramatic!

Moulage Powerpoint at Etowah Creek District Roundtable

Flaming S'Mores Accident!
Moulage (Special Gore Effects) at Etowah Creek Roundtable (2007-08 Powerpoint) In 2007-08 I did an extensive presentation on Moulage for several months at our Etowah Creek District Roundtable. Troop 91 features prominently in this Powerpoint and it is a lot of fun with some good ideas on how to make your own blood-and-guts Moulage without paying the Party Stores an arm and a leg.

Some of the handouts on Moulage:

Fake Skin recipe: Fake Skin Handout for Moulage
Grossology Moulage handout: Grossology (Leader magazine-July 2002)

Troop 502 (shown in the Powerpoint above)- Fake Skin and fishhook in the neck plus more:

Some great How-Tos on making Special Effects (FX)

Below are a few other sites that have good info on doing your own special effects for First Aid. A Google Search for Moulage will bring up numerous sites.
and more- just cruise the Halloween Makeup site and the Make Magazine Blog sites, or Google Moulage or "realistic wounds".

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